Change of Meditation

Just as in life as we may be taking a supplement or medication, and later our body changes, their effectiveness may lack. So, too, in our meditation practice. I use my mala to chant mantras, but recently, I have changed up my practice.

I truly was lead by my Higher Divine Self to try something new. I knew I wanted from my practice. This change has brought awareness to areas that have needed light and healing. Some of you may know that I use Insight Timer as a mediation tool. It is an app that you can download and customize to your needs. I mostly was using it as a timer w/ an ambient sound in the background as I meditated or chanted and it would let me know when my time had been reached. I switched to guided meditations, that are also available on Insight Timer, that use specific chants to open chakras and bring healing and clarity.

What a concept! Change your meditation as you would change or fine tune your medication and watch how we dial in to Spirit; awakening and fine tuning ourselves to something that was never really out of reach.

If you use Insight Timer, click on the “Guided” button and search on chakras. I am specifically working with Davidji’s meditations on the app as he integrates guided mediation, imagery, and chanting.

Changing it up,



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